Mini MUNNY Reusable DIY Toy with Wipe-Off Markers -White


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Now the fun with MUNNY never ends! Each Mini Munny Reusable DIY Toy with Wipe-Off Markers - White includes reusable markers so you can create again and again! With the same great form and endless possibilities, this 4-inch tall MUNNY can be exactly what you want… even if you don't get it right the first time. Draw, tweak, and change until your MUNNY masterpiece is complete! Packaged in a window box, it includes 3 wipe-off markers. Ages 5 and up.

Do-it-yourself figures! MUNNY is a blank vinyl toy from Kidrobot that you create into your own work of art. It's a top-quality canvas for professional artists, and a fun, engaging creative experience for kids. Each MUNNYWORLD figure is a blank canvas, ready for scribbling, piercing, painting, posing, piling, dressing up, and sculpting into forms straight from one's imagination. Do amazing things and create more than ever before, or simply keep them just as they are and enjoy the pure form. The options are limitless! MUNNYWORLD is an exclusive Kidrobot brand.

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